Selfie inspiration — get the most from your AX Paris clothing picks with the perfect selfie


Snapping the perfect beach or #BNO selfie has become a proper art form — according to the posh types at Saatchi Gallery.

The perfect selfie showcases your looks and captures the special mood of the moment — a classic combo that will make your mates well jel.

We’ve studied techniques of the selfie supermodels so you can raise your skills to pro level — take a look and start snapping.



Natural light’s a fab free beauty product —just ask Bella Hadid.

Turn towards a window rather than a TV screen at home to bathe your face in beautiful light — or put the sun behind you while outside and block it out with your head for a beautiful backlit halo effect.


Stop straining to reach overhead for an awkward upward angle — it’s so 2016!

Bring your mobile level with your head and tilt your face to accentuate your features.

You’ll look more like Miranda Kerr and less like a constipated ostrich.


You’ve probably got a favourite side, so angle your face slightly to show it off.

But an insider tip from models is finding the perfect pose and sticking to it consistently.

Search through thousands of Karlie Kloss selfies and she’ll usually be treating fans to her trademark ‘boomerang brow’ — if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Have fun

If you really want to stand out in a sea of selfies from your #GNO try to look like you’re having fun

While your besties are busy pouting and preening you’ll look like the only person partying to the max — that’s the attitude that separates Cara Delevingne from her supermodel mates.


The perfect selfie outfit for the party season?

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